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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Iron & Wine album

I was getting worried about not having things to write about, and then today I came across about 4 different artists/songs I wanted to cover. I should have plenty of material coming up, including a song from a 62 year old soul singer who just released his debut album, a couple songs from a folk singer who has gained his following by giving away music for free, and a couple old favorite of mine that I have yet to cover. But for today, it's Iron & Wine that gets the call from the bullpen of ideas (hmm... probably a forced baseball reference).

Iron & Wine, the stage name of Sam Beam, released his newest album today. If you are familiar with Sam's previous work, this album may catch you off guard a bit. His previous releases have been hushed, stripped down, folky affairs, while his new record sees him experimenting with horn sections, electronic elements, and more plugged in instruments than usual. Upon my first couple listens of Kiss Each Other Clean, I actually really enjoy the change. It was strange at first, but it quickly grew on me. The first track from the album is called "Walking Far From Home" and stood out as an early favorite track for me. Here is a video of the song:

The whole album can be streamed right now at Spinner, here.

The first single from the album, Tree By The River, can currently be downloaded for free from Amazon here, and the whole album is only $6.99 there.

Iron & Wine also did a session with Daytrotter recently, and you can download 4 songs from that session for free here. Enjoy the free music and pick up the new album if you like what you hear!

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