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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Artist To Watch: Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges name has been popping up a lot for someone who has only released two songs thus far, but it's for good reason. Bridges, a Texas native, performs some of the sweetest sounding soul and r&b since Sam Cooke. Leon Bridges' debut album will be coming out for Columbia Records later this year, and it is quickly becoming one of my most eagerly anticipated albums. In the meantime, I recommend putting the two songs below on repeat.

If like me, you're craving more from him, it looks like he's releasing a third song, called "Lisa Sawyer," on Tuesday. You can watch a live performance of it here. You can find some other live performances of his songs such as My Love Stays, River, and Let You Down. They are all absolutely gorgeous. You can also listen to him cover a couple Sam Cooke songs here and here. Alright, I could do this all night, but I better stop.

Leon Bridges is currently on tour. I'd recommend seeing if you can catch him now because I'm guessing tickets will be a lot more expensive the next time you get a chance.

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