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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New and Old Wilco

Real quick post since I'm just procrastinating from my homework.

Wilco released a new album today that I am really enjoying. It's only $5.99 on Amazon (and one of the tracks is free), so I recommend heading over there to grab it if you're interested. The first song features a pretty rockin' guitar solo, and the album is definitely one of their strongest in a while. Since I'm not too familiar with the new album yet, I'll hold off on posting a song from it.

However, with the anticipation of the new album in my mind, I got the song "Reservations" off the phenomenal Yankee Hotel Foxtrot stuck in my head earlier today. The song features one of my favorite lines in the chorus with: "I've got reservations about so many things. But not about you." Anyhow, below is the video:

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is currently only $5 on Amazon too. It's probably one of my 10 or so favorite albums ever, so I'd recommend checking that out as well. If you don't trust me, when compiling top albums of the 2000s lists, Paste Magazine had it 2nd, Rolling Stone had it 3rd, and Pitchfork had it 4th. If you don't trust them either then I suppose that's fine too.

Alright, back to the books. Thanks for the diversion blog-universe.

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