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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The wonders of the iPod's album shuffle feature

One of my favorite things about the iPod is the album shuffle feature that it has. I've made a huge playlist of over 900 albums, and a good chunk of my time with my iPod is spent putting that list on album shuffle and just listening to whatever comes up. Sure I could just choose to listen to any of these albums on my own, but there are so many that I just never gave much of a chance to, or that I've just forgotten about because it's so much easier to gravitate to albums I know I love.

Today, the third album that came up while using album shuffle was "So Sudden" by Illinois band, The Hush Sound. I admit to knowing almost nothing about them. They remind me a little bit of Straylight Run, an indie rock group that can slow down and go mellow and that features both male and female vocalists. My iTunes says I haven't listened to any of their music since 2009, so a visit to their discography was long overdue. Below is a song called "The Artist" that I loved a few years back but that had completely fallen off my radar.


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