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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Mates of State

Unfortunately, it's starting to look like school beginning means blogging here will be very sparse. With that in mind, I'm hoping to maybe just throw shorter posts up every now and then, but I tend to want to ramble, so who knows how that will go.

On to the music! A bunch of albums have come out recently that I've been excited to hear. One of those albums is by husband/wife indie pop duo Mates of State. During my first couple years in undergrad, Mates of State was one of my favorite bands, but I really haven't listened to them much over the last few years. However, now that I've gotten into Spotify and can once again sample full albums before buying them (R.I.P. Lala.com), I was able to give their new album, Mountaintops a listen. I have to say that I've really been enjoying it. It might necessitate a trip back through their oldies. After hearing the new album, I'm hoping to catch the band, along with Ra Ra Riot, when they swing through Iowa City in November.

And if you came for the music instead of my ramblings, below is the mp3 for the lead track off of their new album (courtesy of 89.3 The Current), and below that is the video for the same song from NPR.

Mates of State - Palomino

The band also did a free session for Daytrotter in 2006 that you can pick up here.

Hope you enjoy!

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