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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Blog Turns 1 Today

Today is exactly one year from my first blog post on here. At the time, I had no idea how the blog would work, what I would talk about, or whether anyone would even read it. Well, with one year under my belt, I've really enjoyed the experience. Obviously, this blog isn't any huge internet destination or anything, but it seems like at least a handful of people read most of my posts, and that in and of itself is pretty neat.

Most people who know me know that I studied statistics and philosophy in undergrad. I loved the experience because it allowed me two different fairly different avenues to go down when I was studying (although I maintain that they are much more closely related than most people think). If I felt like reading or writing, I could work on my philosophy homework. If I was more into problem solving or programming, I could work on statistics. Now that I'm two and a half years into grad school studying statistics, I don't have that same philosophy writing outlet that I used to have. Writing on this blog has been a good way to still be able to write occasionally (even if it is in a much different manner).

While this blog doesn't have any grander intentions than just being an outlet for me every now and then (as should be evidence by how sporadic posting can get), I've been really grateful for everyone that has stopped by at any point over the last year. I've had a few people tell me they discovered artists through the blog that they've really enjoyed. Honestly, there are few things I'd rather hear about the blog. My writing won't be winning any awards, but if people are able to find an artist that they can connect with and add to their favorites, that is good enough for me. I also really appreciate those of you that have shared certain posts you've enjoyed with others. Knowing that people are getting anything worthwhile out of reading these make me feel not so crazy for spending long chunks of time working on posts that may only reach a dozen eyes. One of the cooler moments over the last year was when an artist I placed on my top 40 albums of the year list re-posted the list on Facebook for his followers. That post actually became my most viewed post I've made (shortly ahead of a post about Otis Redding that I think people just stumble upon by googling him).

I went back and read my first post that I made, and I had to laugh when I read that I apparently decided to start the blog while driving home from a weekend in Madison (which is exactly what I just did earlier today while planning this post). I guess things don't change too much. In honor of that post, I suppose I should post a song that I really enjoyed from my ride home today. Somehow, I've managed to go an entire year while only posting one song by Swedish folk-singer The Tallest Man On Earth. He has released two full-length albums. His debut album, "Shallow Grave," in 2008 was my #3 album of the year, and his second album, "The Wild Hunt," in 2010 was my #1 album of the year. For whatever reason though, I haven't really covered him much here.

I've seen The Tallest Man On Earth 3 times now I believe. One of those times, I went to see him by myself in Minneapolis despite having to wake up at like 4:45 the next morning to work. Not all concerts leave a lasting impression on me, or are easily recalled years later, but I still remember one specific song that he played that night. If I had been blogging back then, I would have gone home from the show and instead of sleeping, immediately found this (then unreleased) song to post on the blog because I remember being in love with it right away. I was a little annoyed that I had to wait for him to release his next album to hear a studio version, so I just listened to a crappy live version I found on YouTube over and over again. The song was the wonderful "King Of Spain," which you can listen to for yourself below.

And once again, thanks for reading, and I hope to be checking back at the same time next year.

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