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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a two post kind of day

How fitting on Valentine's Day to post a song that starts with the line "It's empty in the valley of your heart," but I figured I'd stick with the Grammys theme for my second post today.

I didn't watch the Grammys live last night (homework got in the way), but I knew there were a few performances I wanted to scour the internet for this morning. While it was cool seeing Arcade Fire win best album, seeing Mumford & Sons getting some recognition for their blend of folk/bluegrass/rock may have been even cooler. They performed the song "The Cave," followed by The Avett Brothers performing "Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise," and both bands joining Bob Dylan for "Maggie's Farm." I haven't been able to find a very high quality video of the performance, so it probably isn't worth posting here, but below is a video of Mumford & Sons performing "The Cave" in a bookshop somewhere. I absolutely love when the banjo comes in during this song.

If you enjoy this song, you'll probably enjoy their album. If you listen to 89.3 The Current in Minnesota, you are no doubt quite familiar with them already. Their end of the year reader's poll for best songs of 2010 had Mumford & Sons occupying 3 of the top 7 spots. I wouldn't go quite as far as that, but they do have several really catchy songs on the album. Unfortunately, this appears to be just about the only album that Amazon isn't selling for $5, but you can still get it for $7.99 here.

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