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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Florence + The Machine

This post will roughly continue (and likely be the last of) my Grammy themed posts. I jumped on the Florence + the Machine (or Florence and the Machine) bandwagon about a year after everyone else, but better late than never! I picked up their debut album, Lungs, about a month ago, and it is one that I have returned to often since then. The band is fronted by British singer-songwriter Florence Welch, with a group of studio musicians making up "The Machine." The music is a mix of indie rock/pop, with probably some soul and who knows what other influences. They remind me a little bit of another British singer, Kate Nash, who I've listened to a bit longer.

The Grammy tie-in comes from the fact that Florence + The Machine was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys along with Mumford & Sons from my previous post and Justin Bieber from none of my posts. I have absolutely no idea what their criteria for "new artist" is since Florence + The Machine's album came out in 2009, but I'll go with it. Florence Welch also apparently performed with Super Bowl goat Christina Aguilera and four other singers in a tribute to Aretha Franklin during the telecast.

I keep going back and forth on my favorite song from their album, but I think right now it is a song called "My Boy Builds Coffins." Below is a video of the band performing the song in a park somewhere (with the drummer using a fence instead of a drumset):

You can stream four more of their songs in a player on their website here, including my other favorite song "Kiss With a Fist."

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