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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Last week was my "Spring Break" from school. However, while the week started with temperatures nearing 70 degrees, last night I had to scrape ice off my car as snow fell around me. I thought that maybe I should make a "spring mix" to encourage the warm weather to hurry up, but I'll hold off for one more week and succumb to the sweet sounds of winter courtesy of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the moniker of 17 year old Australian Tim Bettinson, who makes some pretty gorgeous music along the lines of Bon Iver, or fellow Aussie and blog favorite Hayden Calnin. While we here in the northern hemisphere are (hopefully) seeing the end of winter, this album should perfectly soundtrack the upcoming winter for the southern hemisphere. I've included a song from the band's Soundcloud page below, but I recommend going and listening to (or buying) the whole album. At the very least, head over to the Soundcloud page and check out the beautiful track "Vapour."

Want to check out Vancouver Sleep Clinic?

Band website
Spotify (below)

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