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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New music: Racing Glaciers

Racing Glaciers are a five-piece indie rock group from England. They toe the line of post-rock, at times reminding me of The Album Leaf or sounding like Explosions in the Sky with horns added. Regardless, the band has found a sound that they know how to work wonders with. They recently released their second EP, Ahead of You Forever, and I cannot get myself to stop listening to it. The first day I listened to it, I was almost late to class because I didn't want to stop before the album ended.

You can stream the whole EP below. At the very least, I recommending checking out the intro track "Ahead Of You Forever" and its transition into the wonderful "New Country." If you enjoy what you hear, the album is £2 (about $3.34) on Bandcamp. It is worth every penny and then some. The band's first EP is also available for whatever you feel like paying (including free) on their Bandcamp page. So have a listen and then hopefully go support an unsigned artist making music as good as anything else I've heard this year. Enjoy!

Want to see more of Racing Glaciers?


Thanks to the All Things Go blog for introducing me to Racing Glaciers.

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