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Monday, January 20, 2014

Musical globetrotting

One of my favorite music things on the internet is the monthly mix from the Music Alliance Pact, which is a group of around 30 music blogs from different countries across the world. Once a month, each blog picks a song from an artist in their country, and all the songs get put together into a big mix that can be downloaded for free. The most recent one is here. I've fallen way behind on these posts, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites that I've run across recently. They serve as a pretty great reminder that awesome music is being made all over the world.

* The awesomely named Anarchicks are a four-piece female group from Portugal. The band can rock as evidenced by the track "Restraining Order." I love the guitar on this track. They also have a free cover of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" over on Soundcloud that you can get here.

* On Your Horizon is a Turkish post-rock band similar to Explosions in the Sky. You can download a free five song EP here. The first track is below if you want a taste of it. I love music like this or Explosions in the Sky for when I'm studying. I love it the rest of the time too, but particularly then.

* And from down-under, we've got Courtney Barnett. Australian music blog Who The Bloody Hell Are They? (also awesomely named) describes the below track as "a perfect summary of the earnest freewheelin' and rambling wit that makes music from this end of the world just so great." As a bonus, I've included a newer track of hers called "Avant Gardener" as well. The cadence of the vocals remind me a bit of Foxygen's album from last year and the song ambles along similarly to Kurt Vile's excellent release.

* The Fundamics are a Finnish funk/hip hop group. I don't usually associate funk/hip hop with Finland, but with the world being so connected, anyone anywhere can make any type of music, which is a lot of fun. They have a full album that can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud. I particularly enjoy this instrumental track though:

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