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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Music Roundup - Mary Lambert, First Aid Kit, and more

One of my goals for 2014 is to post a bit more often on this blog. That may mean more miscellanea posts such as this one.

* Back in July of 2012 I wrote about Macklemore's same sex marriage anthem "Same Love." Mary Lambert, who sings the chorus of the song, adapted that chorus into a full song of her own, and it is absolutely gorgeous. She recently performed the song, titled "She Keeps Me Warm," for NPR, and here's the video.

* Nick Waterhouse released an excellent debut album in 2012 that wouldn't have sounded out of place if it had been released 50 years ago. If the first track off his sophomore album, "This Is A Game," is any indication, he's ready to build on that success.

* This blog is slowly turning into a Charles Bradley blog, but he keeps releasing things I want to post, so oh well. The most recent of these is Charles Bradley's cover of the Black Sabbath tune "Changes." I'm unfamiliar with the original, but I'm pretty confident it sounds nothing like Bradley's version. I mentioned this song in my write up about his album, but I wanted to get a chance to embed it, so here it is.

* And last but certainly not least, First Aid Kit posted a cover of themselves performing "On The Road Again" in honor of their upcoming tour. The Swedish sisters made my favorite album of 2012, and I'll take any excuse I can get to post more of their amazing folk/country music.

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