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Friday, December 21, 2012

Devotchka with the Colorado Symphony

Yesterday while catching up on some of the music blogs I read, I came across this post from KEXP mentioning that DeVotchKa recorded a live album with the Colorado Symphony that was released in November.

For those unfamiliar with DeVotchKa (whose name comes from the Anthony Burgess novel "A Clockwork Orange"), they are a four-piece band based out of Denver, whose music is often described as gypsy rock, European folk, or something similar. A lot of this is due to the unique instrumentation they use that isn't found in most other North American bands. Because of how many different instruments and sounds they already employ, a pairing with the Colorado symphony sounds perfect.

Even if you aren't familiar with the band by name, there is a good chance that you will recognize at least one song of theirs, the incredible "How It Ends." The track has appeared in movies like "Everything Is Illuminated" and "Little Miss Sunshine", in an ad for the game "Gears of War 2", and plenty of other things. Most recently, I heard the song in the British TV show "Misfits." The song is absolutely epic sounding. While I haven't listened to the band a ton, that is a song that I could put on at any time and be happy to hear it.

You can click here to visit the KEXP post and then click the (mp3) link to hear the version of "How It Ends" with the Colorado Symphony. Below is the original version as well because you really can't listen to this song enough:

I haven't heard any of the rest of the live performance, but it is certainly intriguing. An mp3 version of the album can be purchased from Amazon. I recently got my very own turntable set up and working, so I'm tempted to buy the vinyl version. This album seems perfect for that format. Either way, the live version of "How It Ends" is worth listening to a time or twenty. Enjoy!

Interested in checking out DeVotchKa?

Band website

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