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Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness Is Here!

As a brief tribute to March Madness, here are four songs commemorating the #1 seeds in this year's tournament...

From the West region, the #1 seed is Michigan State, so what better song to choose than "Michigan State" by Devendra Banhart.

In the South region, the #1 seed is Kentucky. Their mascot is the wildcats, so in a little less straight forward choice, we've got "Wild World" by Cat Stevens for their track.

In the East region, the Syracuse Orange are the number one seed. Frankly, I feel like this is a terrible team name, but if since it means the guy over there on the right is their mascot, I suppose I have to approve. Their song is "Orange Shirt" by Discovery (a collaboration of members from Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot).

And wrapping up the bracket, in the Midwest region, we have North Carolina as the #1 seed. As a former Duke fan, I still have residual hate for UNC, so the chosen song should in no way be considered a tacit endorsement by me. Anyhow, here's "Oh My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams. The song features backing vocals from Emmylou Harris, who also guested on Bright Eyes' amazing "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" album and is
the inspiration of "Emmylou" by First Aid Kit, my favorite song of 2012 so far. From looking at her Wikipedia page, she appears to be quite the collaborator. The list of her collaborations is broken into five separate pages by letter.

Hopefully I'll be able to make another post maybe commemorating some of the best games or upsets. Any suggestions for other song choices for these teams?


  1. You should go ahead and make UK's song "We are the champions." AMIRITE?! Should be a lot of fun! So glad march madness is finally here! Go cats, go badgers

    1. Oh hey Mooney... lol. Badgers and Wildcats both looked good today! I wouldn't mind seeing a few more upsets on Friday though.