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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really Cool Music Video

With classes starting up tomorrow, I figured I'd try to get another post in before I actually start to get busy and neglect this blog for legitimate reasons.

I've been using the new(ish) site Turntable.fm a lot lately. For those unfamiliar, the idea is that you go into a room with 5 open DJ spots. Anyone can claim the spots (and the rest of the people just hang out and listen to the tunes and chat if they'd like) and then play music that fits the room's theme. Each person will play one song at a time rotating through the spots. I usually choose to hang out in the Indie Folk room.

It's nice getting to hear some new music, but it's also cool being able to talk to people about the artists if you feel so inclined. Last night, someone played the song "Holocene" by Bon Iver, and I commented that it had a really cool music video (which I'll likely post on here at a later date). They watched it, agreed, and then played a song called Her Morning Elegance by an Israeli artist, Oren Lavie, I had never heard of and suggested that I check out the music video for that one.

It is one of the cooler music videos I have seen. The video is "stop motion" meaning that its created by still photographs that are then put together to look like a moving picture. Apparently over 2000 photos and around 48 hours of picture taking (as well as HUGE amounts of prep time) went into it, but it's a really cool finished product. Check it out below:

The video has over 20,000,000 plays, so clearly other people have seen it, I was just late getting to the party, but I wanted to pass it on for anyone else in my shoes. Any suggestions of other great music videos?

If you're interested in more Orin Lavie music, you can hear a couple songs he performed for NPR here, and his album with "Her Morning Elegance" on it is only $5.99 from Amazon here.

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