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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kaki King and How I Got Lost

Several months ago, I added a movie called "How I Got Lost" to my Netflix instant queue after reading somewhere that the soundtrack was done by guitar extraordinaire Kaki King. However, the movie just sat there since I knew very little else about it. Friday night I wanted to watch something but didn't want to stay up too late, so by virtue of it being only 87 minutes long, I decided to give it a try.

The movie is the story of two men in their probably late 20s in New York after 9/11. Without giving much away, both of them are disappointed with where their lives are and end up taking a road trip. I read a couple reviews of the film that called it aimless and flat, but considering that it was called "How I Got Lost," I'm not too sure what the viewer was expecting. I thought the film did a good job at showing a slice of life of two very different friends trying to figure out their lives.

None of that is really the point though. I watched the film because Kaki King did the music, and it was one of the better parts of the film as well. For anyone unfamiliar with her works, she's a guitar player who originally played drums and has incorporated a lot of percussive techniques into her playing. The video below shows just how different her style is, but she is really just a wonderfully talented musician.

Her first couple records were just solo guitar playing, which may seem boring to some, but with just how varied her sounds are, they can really keep your attention. On her two most recent efforts especially, she started singing on some of the songs, and its amazing that she didn't do it sooner because she has a really good voice and is a pretty wonderful songwriter as well.

Here's an amazing performance of her song "Bone Chaos in the Castle" that really showcases her skills and her unique talent. I have a hard time believing all of that noise is coming from one person with just a guitar:

I was hoping to find some downloadable music of hers to share, and once again Daytrotter has come through for me. Here's a link to a session she did that contains the above song, "Life Being What It Is" (another favorite of mine off her 2008 release Dreaming of Revenge, and two more tracks all for FREE.

Kaki King Daytrotter Session

Let me know what you think!

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