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Friday, April 22, 2011

Reel Around the Fountain

Yesterday, I saw news that Morrissey was working on an autobiography and that he had just finished the first draft. The article contains an oh so perfect Morrissey quote: "I just wonder if 660 pages are too much for people to bear. And then I sit down and think, well, are six pages too much for people to bear?" If that doesn't just sum up his music too, I don't know what does. Combine that news with a gloomy, overcast morning, and I was ready to listen to some Smiths this morning.

I looked through what I had on my iPod and decided on The Smiths self-titled 1984 album because it contains "Pretty Girls Make Graves" and "This Charming Man," two of my favorite Smiths' songs. What I didn't remember is that the lead track "Reel Around the Fountain" is pretty awesome too. I know most people think of The Smiths as sad, melancholy music for when you're feeling depressed or something like that, but songs like "Reel Around the Fountain" just put me in a good mood. The chorus features some phrase similar to "15 minutes with you, I wouldn't say no. Oh people see no worth in you, but I do." Combine that, The Smiths' typical sound, and a use of the phrase "the bee's knees" at the end, and you've got a recipe for a pretty great song. Not my favorite song by The Smiths, but it was exactly what I was hoping for when it came on.

Experiences like this are what I love about music. I've played the track 10 times before (according to iTunes), but this morning I'm hearing it in a different way, appreciating things I missed up until now. Anyhow, here's a video of the song:

If you're looking for more music by The Smiths, I highly recommend the songs "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out," "Panic," and for something a little calmer "Asleep"

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