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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bright Sunny Day Music from She & Him

There are very few artists who seem as perfect for a sunny day as She & Him. A while ago, I posted that Otis Redding was one of my sunny day artists, and She & Him is right up there with him. Today we had temperatures pushing 70, which was a welcome change from a gloomy day before. That combined with a Twins win over the Yankees (an oh so rare occurrence) has me in a perfect She & Him mood.

She & Him are a (grammatically disastrous) collaboration between actress Zooey Deschanel (a personal favorite of mine) and M. Ward (my favorite musician), so it's little surprise that the pairing is a favorite of mine as well. The two met on the set of the movie The Go Getter, which starred Zooey, and featured a soundtrack by M. Ward. They teamed up for a cover of a song called "When I Get To The Border" that ran over the closing credits. Zooey revealed to M. Ward that she had recorded some songs on her own, and he wanted to properly record them, and thus the group was born. I will have what will likely be an exceedingly (and to most people unnecessarily) long M. Ward post at some point, but for now, just enjoy the video below for the song "In The Sun" and think about happy, sunny times with lots of Twins victories over the Yankees!

She & Him - In The Sun from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Hopefully writing this is enough of a positive distraction after the Twins game. Back to homework!

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