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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Merge Records Round-Up

I've written on several occasions about my love for Merge Records. The label was founded in 1989 by two members of the band Superchunk. Since then, they've staked their claim as one of the best indie labels around. They've put out albums by bands like The Arcade Fire, Spoon, Conor Oberst, The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Magnetic Fields, (my personal favorite) M. Ward, and so many more. It should come as no surprise, but over the last few months they have been on fire with their releases. Below are five albums they've released this year that I've been enjoying lately.

William Tyler - Lost Colony EP

Released in April, this EP has been one of my most listened to albums this year. The album, comprised of three instrumental guitar tracks, is a perfect driving or walking album.

Reigning Sound - Shattered

This album is full of old school rock 'n roll / r&b / soul music that reminds me of JD McPherson or Nick Waterhouse a bit. This is the band's fifth album and my first introduction to them. Looks like I've got some back catalog to check out.

David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - End Times Undone

This album has a bit of a Kurt Vile feel, featuring meandering somewhat psychedelic indie rock that is a joy to listen to.  David Kilgour is another established artist that is new to me, but I really enjoy what he's doing on this album

Hiss Golden Messenger - Lateness of Dancers

William Tyler lends his helping hand (and guitar) to this excellent Dylan-esque folk album from North Carolina based Hiss Golden Messenger.

Ex Hex - Rips

This is an incredibly infectious debut album of driving indie rock / power pop. The trio, fronted by a former member of Wild Flag, has set the bar high with their debut.

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