Favorited ex.fm Songs

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Blow - True Affection

Unfortunately, so far this semester I've been too busy to do much posting. I may have to start doing some shorter ones so that the blog doesn't sit completely idle. This is the first of those, which hopefully gets me back on track.

On my ride home from campus today, I was listening to an old mix CD that a friend made me and this song came on. I know nothing about the artist, but it is really just a darn good song. Hopefully you agree.

I love hearing what music other people enjoy (especially when it leads to me remembering gems like this song). It might be a bit of a nostalgia for a day when music was more social and you had to hear new artists from friends, but if anyone ever wants to swap mixes, I've always got a standing offer to do just that. Let me know.