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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Artist: Milo Greene

I haven't been posting much lately, but I've got good reason. Starting tomorrow and through the end of the week, I'll be taking my PhD comps. Studying for those hasn't left me much time for writing about music, but it has provided ample opportunity for listening to music. One of the bands I've really been enjoying is Los Angeles based Milo Greene. I was hooked almost immediately after hearing them on Listen Before You Buy. Rather than being the one person that their name indicates, the band is a five piece indie pop / indie folk band. You really have to hear their infectious sound to get a taste for the band though. And since I've got to get back to last minute studying, I'll leave you to do just that with the video for "1957":

If you enjoy that song (which you can get for $0.25 on Amazon), you can sample 2 more tracks (and 1957 again) from Soundcloud, but I recommend just listening to the whole album over and over again. Enjoy!

Interested in checking out Milo Greene?

Band Website
Album on Amazon ($6.99)

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