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Friday, July 6, 2012

The History of Rock in 100 Guitar Riffs

I thought this video was too cool not to post. I saw this on another blog, so I really don't know anything about the guy or company/store that made this video, but it is pretty neat. He created a medley of 100 rock & roll guitar riffs that progress chronologically from 1953 up through 2011. It's pretty cool hearing the music from the different decades and genre changes as the video progresses. There were several songs that I didn't know by name but that I definitely recognized when he played them. There were also some great songs that I had all but forgotten about. Anyhow, check it out:

The Chicago Music Exchange website here has a neat list of all the songs along with year they came out, key they are in, and time stamp in the video. There is also some info about the gear he used if that's your sort of thing.


  1. I'm surprised that someone that knowledgeable about classic rock music doesn't know that it is Fortunate Son, not Fortunate Sun.