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Friday, February 17, 2012

A fun. Update

The new (to me) music recommendations are put on hold for at least another day due to an awesome free music offer.

The band "fun." (yep that's how it is written) has a new album called Some Nights that will be released this coming Tuesday. The band was formed by the lead singer of The Format (after their break-up a few years ago), as well as one member each from Anathallo and Steel Train. Their first album, Aim and Ignite, was released in 2009, and was one of my favorite albums of that year (and seemed to be well received by most others too). There is a widget at the bottom of the page to get the album for free (or for whatever value you place on the release of your email address and zip code). I believe they are only doing it for a few days to build buzz for their new record, so I recommend hopping on that while you still have time.

It's somewhat annoying when a band does all the work of describing their music for you, but the best description of the album is really just "fun". However, if you're looking for a little more to go off, the band is indie pop / power pop type music. If you don't want to jump in without sampling anything first, here is one of my favorite tracks off the record:

I've only given their new album, which you can stream below, one listen so far. It seems like a little bit of a deviation from their last album. Right now I'm definitely not enjoying it as much as their first album (or either of The Format's albums, which were both fantastic), but I could see it possibly growing on me. The amazingly named blog I Hope Your Ears Bleed alerted me to the free download of Aim and Ignite, and they seem to love the new album, so certainly don't take my word for it (especially since mine could very well change in a few days). One thing that is undeniable is that the band has gained much more mainstream success with this new record, whether by design or not. The first single "We Are Young," which features Janelle Monae, was apparently covered on an episode of Glee and featured in a Super Bowl commercial, which propelled it to #1 on the iTunes download list. The Format and fun. have both been a couple of my favorite bands, so I'm happy that they've managed to get some recognition for their music (along with the money that hopefully comes along with it).

Even just over the time taking me to write this post, some aspects are growing on me. A big reason for that is the power that Nate Ruess can pack into his voice. It's a real highlight of their live shows. I've seen The Format and fun. once each, and both times I came away impressed with the way he can just absolutely belt out their songs the entire night without losing any steam by the end. Anyhow, download the old album, check out the new album, and enjoy free things!

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